Wednesday, 20 February 2008

here comes the bride...

So this feels a little weird putting pics up of my wedding - they appear in the current issue of Cosmopolitan Bride. But I've got a bit of a bee in my bonnet at the moment about style not having to cost a fortune. (Good job I work for real living!) I guess I've always been like this - always loved those stories of stylish women who have pieced together their outfits from a mix of sources - you know, the flea market finds combined with the (perhaps) slightly more expensive shoes. The same goes for interiors. Often the homes I'm drawn to are the ones that have been created with love rather than a fistful of dollars. They have beautiful timber pieces that are age-worn and books that are well-thumbed. So, not surprisingly, I felt the same way about styling my wedding. I didn't want it to be about spending a silly amount of money. Instead I bought flowers from the markets to achieve that just-picked-out-of-the-garden look. I also bought my (two!) dresses from a shop in Notting Hill - Catherine Buckley - that specialises in recreating vintage styles. They weren't expensive at all (even though the likes of Elizabeth Taylor have worn her designs over the years). Now that I'm preparing for a baby, I'm applying the same principles to all that I buy - ie, not going silly with expensive purchases. After all, the moments you remember in life are moments - not credit card purchases.

Images courtesy of View Photography and Cosmo Bride.


Ju said...

Natalie...two things. One, is that I have an unnatural LOVE of cosmo bride (don't even have a man!) and am the friend who always buys it for the girls getting engaged...and two..I LOVE that you are passionate about style and weddings without the rediculous price tag. Have a very creative friend pulling her hair out over the very issue at the moment, so will be sending her a copy of cosmo and marking your page! Thanks!

Natalie Walton said...

Hi Ju, Thanks for that. At the time I had to be very creative about styling my wedding. But I had help from a very creative friend, Bianca Tzatzagos, who I featured on my blog a little while ago. But it's quite simple really - I just wasn't in that head space at first and Bianca LOVES weddings (perhaps a bit like you). It's so easy to get caught up in spending money on weddings (and babies...) but that's not what the day is about. I still have people tell me they loved our wedding and the best bit was us all catching a public transport bus to a bar afterwards (the taxis didn't turn up!). That's what makes a wedding - those moments. Oh dear, you got me started.

Gayle said...

I'd love to have some of your restraint - although I really love that look, my poor credit card can never seem to stay put long enough. I think I'm addicted to the spend! Ouch!


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