Thursday, 6 March 2008

kat macleod...contd

So much inspiration, so little space. The tables have well and truly turned. Normally, as deputy editor of real living, I'm telling journalists to shorten their copy and now I'm having to cut back on my Design*Sponge posts. It's such a shame because there's so much to share. So, here is a little more about... Kat Macleod.

How did you develop your style? It was not really a conscious decision; it just worked out like that. I started using embroidery and collage with the Bird book and it has increased over the years, then clients started requesting it and it has just evolved. Years of life drawing classes helped to develop an understanding of the human form. And I never stop drawing; I'm always doodling and sketching on something.
Has your style changed much over the years? Yes, it's always changing and developing, but my mouths have always looked the same. If you had a spare day, what would you do? I'd plan an op shopping day. I find a lot of materials and things that I use in my illustrations, some nice junk, and also cups and things to hold all my materials and brushes etc. I keep an op shop journal and I take notes so I remember which stores have good finds (I am a Virgo, after all!).
What are you passionate about? My family & friends, Ortolan, drawing, my cat, music, reading, animals, shopping, vegetarian food.
What’s next? I am in the middle of illustrating a new story for Real Simple magazine (US), and also at Ortolan we are putting the finishing touches on an exciting new Michi Girl book, published by Penguin (Australia) in October this year.

Images courtesy of Kat Macleod.


belinda graham said...

Gorgeous interviews Nat. And looking forward to pics of your nursery/study - hurry, hurry!!! I think it's becoming a trend to combine rooms due to lack of space. Am in the middle of turning a corner of my bedroom into a nursery. Bx

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for posting this great information about Kat McLeod! I've seen here work so much, and being an illustrator too I'm constantly being shown her work by her fans which is great to see she has so much support out there.

I'm just fascinated by her drive as well as her achievements, and her ability to comfortably survive off of her illustrating on a full time basis.

I still remember seeing her work for the first time in one of the fashion magazines when they were reviewing one of her books. I hope one day I can meet Kat Mcleod in person - or at least get the chance to see an original work.

I don't often get those chances living in Perth, all the way across the other side of Australia.

Thankyou so much for your wonderful articles on Decor8. You have a wonderful eye on design.

Anastasia said...

Kat McLeod's illustrations are fantastic!! love what she did for

blah said...

I'ma huge fan of Kat Macleod - thank you so much for the interview!

Natalie Walton said...

Yes, definitely a big Kat fan. And I was so excited to learn that the girl who writes Michi Girl, which I love and am addicted to, works in the same office as Kat. Big things are going to happen for both of these girls, I'm sure.

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks Ali, glad you've enjoyed my stint on Design*Sponge. I have to say it was quite a bit of work collating all those pics and interviews but like anything that's worth doing, it was also incredibly inspiring and a lot of fun too. I think anyone who is able to make a living out of what they love is someone to look up to.

Natalie Walton said...

Belinda - I know, I know. Got to get those nursery pics. Not only did I wallpaper my storage boxes on the weekend but also lined the drawers of the chest of drawers that's living in there with wallpaper too. Now I've just got to got those tax files into order - now that's going to be fun, fun, fun!!!

Anonymous said...

loving the work of kat macleod!

Natalie Walton said...

R - you must check out Michi Girl too! (


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