Friday, 14 March 2008

photographer esoule

It helps to have an office of Etsy fans. It helps because I'm discovering some beautiful pieces of artwork and all things handmade. Another reason - because, just like eBay, Etsy is one of those black hole places where time is lost and I'm frightened to enter too keenly. So, it's wonderful when someone like our deputy art director Renae points out something she's found, such as these delicious works by Esoule. You can get them as greeting cards, which is exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks Renae!

Images courtesy of Esoule.


Me said...

Beautiful artwork Natalie, very clever. Just noticed you enjoyed de Botton's foray into travel. I highly recommend "The Architecture of Happiness" - I can't just look at a building or enter a space without reflecting on how it effects me and all those that interact with it, anymore... a good thing??? I'll leave for you to decide!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the link.. i love your inspiring . A bientôt :)

Natalie Walton said...

Hi "me" - The Architecture of Happiness is definitely on my to-read pile. Thanks for the extra incentive to push it towards the top of the pile.

Natalie Walton said...

India J - thanks for the kind words. Always happy to get feedback - no matter what its colour.


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