Tuesday, 22 April 2008

artist charly wrencher

Coincidence is a funny thing. I'm currently writing a house feature for real living, and one of the paintings in this beautiful home is by artist Charly Wrencher. As it so happens I had seen an invite a little while back for his exhibition at United Galleries and loved his work so got in contact with him. Today I realise that I'm writing about the same person but in different contexts. Anyway, Charly has worked as an artist for 20 years and been a finalist for the prestigious Wynne Prize. He's short on words but big on colour, so enjoy.

What five words best describe you? Inspired, energetic, creative, happy, positive.
What's your proudest achievement? Having four children.
What was the starting point for this exhibition? Looking westward from my studio one year ago.
Who inspires you? Mondrian, Clemente Bacon.
What are you passionate about? Art and life.
What's the best lesson you've learnt? To be patient.
Which person living or dead would you most like to meet? Jimi Hendrix/Leonardo da Vinci.
What are you excited about? Travelling and painting.

Images courtesy of Charly Wrencher and United Galleries


Anonymous said...

I like his paintings even more after reading this interview. Children, patience, westward view, Clemente...

Lovely spirit.

Natalie Walton said...

I know! If you get a chance check out the July issue of Real Living, which has one of his artworks on the wall. Quite different in his use of colour, but equally beautiful.

Anonymous said...

hey charly im josh from galvin park secondry collage australia i live in werribee could you please answer a few qeustions to help my complate my art project.

these are the questions

Was the artist self taught? Or where did he learn?
What inspired you to become an artist?
What type of work do you do? (Painter, landscaper, sculptor)
What kind of theme do you explore in your work?
What type of environment did you grow up in?
How did your art work change over time?
What was happening in the world? (Historically while the artist was working e.g. war)
Provide examples of the artist famous artwork?
What materials does the artist use to create there work?
What other artist were the influenced by?
Was the artist born in Australia? Are they indigenous?
Does the artwork tell a story?

could you please answer back
my email address is (brownyxe@hotmail.com) thanx for you time. ps i chose you becuse i liked your style of painting you refer to your own backyard
thanx mate


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