Thursday, 3 July 2008


As soon as I saw the chopping board I thought, "yes, why hasn't anyone tried to make these look good before". Perhaps they have, but I certainly couldn't find any good looking ones when I was searching for one about a year ago. And, that cheese looks mightily appetising, too (especially after not being able to eat soft cheese for months on end during pregnancy).

This range is from Dandi
- and the Australian design team have made this collection eco-friendly (they've used sustainable Moso Bamboo).

And as a nice Aussie touch each piece includes local flora and fauna, such as Lorri, a rainbow lorikeet and Willi, a willy wag tail. Cute!

Images courtesy of Dandi


Nicole Cantero said...

Very cute. Another great cheese board I have is a slate board that I got in NY which you can write the name of the cheese on with chalk so people don't have to chase you all night to find out what they are eating.

Natalie Walton said...

That sounds fab, Nicole. Email me a pic if you can -


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