Friday, 25 July 2008

manchu wallpaper at domestic textiles

It's raining outside. My eyes are struggling to stay open. I've been patting and ssshhing Little C for so long that I've managed to almost send myself to sleep... and hopefully he's on the land to nod, too. How my Friday evenings have changed! But I am still not averse to a pretty piece of wallpaper. I look at this and think perhaps it's time to do some decorating. Well, when I get some free time. Ha! Free time! It's from the latest collection at Domestic Textiles showroom in Melbourne.

Image courtesy of Domestic Textiles


Anthea said...

Gorgeous! I love it - such a pretty colour.

AshleyL. said...

that photo is beautiful! i love it! thank you for sharing!

this is my first visit to your blog and it is very inspiring! thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the Colour. Love the Patterns.

Anastasia said...

its so wallpaper like this!
im glad to hear you are enjoying the 'Mitford girls' i read it over a year ago and loved it...what an interesting family!

Natalie Walton said...

Glad you all enjoyed the paper. It got me thinking that perhaps it's time for me to re-do my apartment. But that's probably crazy talk with a 6-week-old baby!

Natalie Walton said...

Hi Ananstasiac
Yes, loved the Mitford Girls and so did pretty much everyone else at Book Club. Funny coincidence but the morning after we met for our meeting there were news reports about Mosley's son winning a defamation case against a UK paper which published his "Nazi sex romps". Haha. Seems those Mosleys can't keep out of the news!


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