Tuesday, 29 July 2008

tiffany blue

Carrie's apartment is given a makeover in the Sex and the City movie.

The blue wall in my apartment - featured in Oct 07 real living - is incredibly similar.

I still love - and prefer to some extent - the thrown-together charm of Carrie's "old" apartment.

The hall stand with the lean-to artworks and rows of mags

in the bookcase give the place a "real" feel.

Sure the rug has to go but check out the mid-century sideboard
and chair - long before everyone else was going for this look.

Looking again at the Manchu wallpaper in the previous post I remembered I wanted to share my love for the colour blue. And I can't tell you how excited I was to see a wall in Carrie's apartment repainted in the Sex and the City movie to a shade remarkably similar to the colour I chose for my living room wall. (I actually took along a Tiffany advertisement in a glossy magazine to the paint store so I could get the exact match.) Carrie's wall is slightly darker but I think it's close enough for me to feel somewhat up with the times. I have to say, though, I miss the mid-century touches to the room.


belinda graham said...

I preferred the old place too. the new one looks like they took advantage of the huge budget they had to work with but tried too hard doing so!! x

Natalie Walton said...

I'm still completely in love with the old phone Carrie had in her previous bedroom. And I like how she had a chair as a bedside table and the frames above the bed. But, I have to admit, that the original bedroom is more in keeping with a 30-year-old's space than a for a woman in her 40s.


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