Friday, 22 August 2008

bholu's yellow cushions

My Bholu obsession is bordering on the ridiculous, but every time Jodie puts a new range out I fall in love with it all over again. So apologies for my drooling, but I just have to share these yellow cushions. How much would they brighten up any room! And Mavis the Monkey is so cute.

Images courtesy of Bholu


Kara said...

Is the monkey Bholu as well? Divine!

Natalie Walton said...

Hi Kara,
Yes, the monkey is Bholu as well. I have a Bholu giraffe in Charlie's nursery and it's so cute.

Marie Louise said...

Hi - I'm just discovering your blog - lots of great stuff. I love your posts on the different artists. I'll be back!

Natalie Walton said...

Hey Marie Louise,
Thanks for the kind words. I love interviewing the artists. It always amazes me how willing and open they are to talk about their work. In fact, out of all the people I interview, as a group, they're the most willing and open - not at all the aloof stereotype that many tag them with.


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