Thursday, 30 October 2008

lauren hutton

This image of Lauren Hutton stopped me in my tracks when I was checking out The Sartorialist the other day. It's ridiculous, really, that a high-profile woman who chooses not to have botox and plastic surgery is someone to take note of. But that's the reality of our youth-obsessed culture. So, thank you Ms Hutton for showing how beautiful ageing can be.

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist


Anonymous said...

I love Lauren Hutton, she is beautiful and graceful, and a great role model for all women.

Natalie Walton said...

Belinda, I agree. Isn't it ridiculous that there aren't more women like her?!

tiel said...

isn't she divine. So stylish and admirable.

Shannon Fricke said...

I'm with you Natalie. She looks so beautiful - exactly as she is.

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks, Shannon. Now if only I could have her cheek bones!

Natalie Walton said...

Tiel, I agree. Love what she's wearing too. Completely age-appropriate yet stylish.


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