Wednesday, 3 December 2008

advent calendar part iii

Okay, so I'm three days late with this one. But December just suddenly appeared like Rudolph with his fellow reindeer and I'm still scrambling to find the mince pies. For anyone else out there who is also playing catch-up, and a little flexible with the rules, here is my final and favourite advent calendar. I love that you can use paper that's already at home - so it's inexpensive, easy to make and looks great. It comes via the busy fingers of Lisa Tilse(and Belinda Graham for highlighting it too). Go to this link for stepped out instructions on how to make it.

Images courtesy of Lisa Tilse


belinda graham said...

It's pretty isn't it! I was all set to make it too, but, um I didn't find time - maybe next year. So I used a santa claus one my mother gave me a few years back - it's santa's head with little mini santa pockets in his beard. i put in a little treat each night for zak to pull out when he finds the number. i can't beleive he hasn't tried looking in future pockets for more choccies yet!

lisa :: the red thread said...

Hey Natalie, thanks for featuring my advent calendar. I had such fun making it, and it's very simple to do. The problem is that Roxy (almost 5) is waking up at the crack of dawn each morning overwhelmed with excitement about checking the advent calendar!

Since making the advent calendar I've made a paper Christmas wreath too. You can check it out here:

Natalie Walton said...

Belinda - I know exactly what you mean! Time has slipped through my fingers and we're all of a sudden charging through December. I have plans to make everyone gingerbread cookies for Christmas this year - hmmm, we'll see.

Natalie Walton said...

Lisa - tres beautiful as always. I'm so jealous!


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