Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Here is the latest instalment from the design*sponge guest blog I did last year. The original post is here.

Megan Morton - stylist

She’s one of the busiest stylists in Sydney, if not Australia. And she’s had her work featured in international publications, including Vanity Fair. Megan has worked extensively across Australian interior and lifestyle publications and has a client base that includes leading homewares brands and interior designers wanting their projects to make it into glossy magazines. 

When did you start working as an interior stylist? Nine years ago.

What lessons have you learnt along the way? Money and style have nothing in common.

images from Creative Homes edited by Karen McCartney (Harper Collins); photography Con Poulos

What’s your favourite decorating style? Charming.

What’s the most common mistake people make when decorating their home? Sticking to the rule book.

Where do you look to for inspiration? Music and books. I read everything and anything.

images courtesy of Thames & Hudson and Published Art and Vanity Fair

Who inspires you? Tadao Ando, Millie De Castonet, Iain Halliday, my florist.

Which features or projects that you’ve worked on are you most proud of? A Vanity Fair cover, a skyhome in the city and a wine bar we designed for fashion week and Dita Von Teese and a Christmas lunch for the homeless.

How has your own personal interior style developed? It’s pretty much been the same my whole life.

How would you describe your home? A ramshackle mess (with outrageous potential!) where my most favourite people and things happily co-exist.

What are you passionate about? Living with only what you need.


Amanda said...

I was lucky enough to meet Megan probably 15 or so years ago now, when I spent my uni holidays interning in the ACP Publicity department.

Back then she had a keen interest in interior design and was probably the most stylish person I'd met in my life...all that and a lovely person, too.

I enjoy seeing her name pop up as stylist here and there - it makes me happy that she's living her dream...

Laura Trevey said...

"Living with only what you need" ~~ what a great way to live ...

xo Laura

beachvintage.com said...

Money and style are not related - love it.


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