Wednesday, 20 May 2009

(home.inspiration) dairy house

Melbourne photographer Adam Ross was very kind to alert me to this beautiful little homestay in Victoria's Healesville. He shot the photos for the owners of Dairy House - who also have another property called the Healesville Hotel. While these properties were in close proximity to the recent "Black Saturday" bushfires, neither properties were damaged.
I love that the place is distinctly Australian but has some colourful touches, such as the Indian sari on the woman in the painting from the first image.
Images courtesy of Adam Ross and Dairy House


Tracey said...

Lovely photographs. I particularly love the view through the blinds...

Anonymous said...

Hey! Looking good!

madeleine brown said...

oh! oh! I have just been there for a wedding at easter- in fact it is even more beautiful than the photos allow. And the healesville hotel is amazing... the food is terrific.


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