Wednesday, 3 June 2009

(babyccino.) blogging update

I'm not well. My baby is not well. It seems everyone I know is sick or recovering or succumbing to some sort of illness. My posts will be a bit sporadic this week to verging on non-existent. So I thought I'd update you on what I've been writing about at Babyccino.

I found the most divine little boots - which I wish came in my size.

I have been caving into my book addiction.

I have been wanting to sew - yes, me, sew!

And drooling over this gorgeous stationery range.

As well as getting serious about emergency situations.

But always thinking about stylish storage.

Oh, and checking out more shoes (hmmm, there's a pattern forming).

And drooling over Greek food.

Images via Babyccino


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Hope u recover soon!. It sucks to be sick.. I too love Greek food!.

MG said...

Oh you dear thing, get better soon and god love you still managing to offer us all something xx

Samantha Dollar said...

Bog is great! Good luck on the baby sickness. Get lots of rest and take lots of Vit B.

Tania McCartney said...

Natalie, I didn't know you had a wee baby - adorable, I bet!

Stumbled across your blog on Babyccino when Amanda from Swish and Swanky told me you had blogged about Riley and the Sleeping Dragon (phew, that was a mouthful!) Many thanks for your lovely ccino post.

Hope you feel better soon!


PS: so happy to see another book-addicted person; I am also wading through Marie Antoinette (among many other tomes... you can imagine how delighted I am to now be reviewing books and getting paid for it!! yippee!)

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Sorry to hear. I too have been sick all week and my daughter. I love Winter but it's been a sickly old start to it this year! Stay warm and cozy. said...

Hope you both feel better. Thanks for sharing all the things you are wanting to do. Sometimes when we are sick we can think of the most amazing things to create.

LJ said...

Sorry to hear that your baby is not well. Hope you all feel better too.

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It's debatable whether I'm feeling better though. I've had killer cold sores that have swollen my lips to Angelina Jolie proportions. Little C has also been diagnosed with bronchilitis. Plus, he's teething. He's always been a great sleeper and last night woke from 10pm until 1.30am crying hysterically. I had to go for a drive to get him to calm down before he could even begin to think about going to sleep. Sydney was filled with fog last night, though. So I drove bleary eyed only able to see about 20 metres in front of the car. It was actually incredibly serene, like from a movie. When I returned home, and he had finally fallen asleep, the car's parking sensors went off and so he woke up. So I kept on driving for another hour, this time to Watson's Bay. When I got home that time, the car's interior lights woke him up and again the screaming started. EVENTUALLY he fell asleep... and kept sleeping until 11.30am this morning when I had to take him to the doctor.

whoops. that was a bit of a ramble. must be tired.

thanks, again.

lisa :: the red thread said...

Take care of yourself and your little man and get better soon. Be careful driving in the middle of the night. In a fog. Sleep deprived. And sick!

Lox+Savvy said...

dear Natalie,
sorry to hear your unwell and bubs in unwell...hoping your both feeling much better soon - the weather is crazy, the fog too as i totally understand i was out last night and could barely see 2metres in front of me with all that fog, it was like a haunted movie!

anyway, take care -
x lox+savvy x

belinda said...

oh my god! you poor thing - i thought i had a shocker when layla woke up five times in two hours (also teeth!) but driving at that hour for that long is craziness! i'm sure i was awake at that time, you could have driven up here and we could have had a pity party and let them cry it off together!

abeachcottage said...

get well soon

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm about 80% now so slowly getting there as is my little one, although he's teething. But it's a continual journey, this motherhood business, as I'm fast learning. Thanks, again.


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