Sunday, 6 September 2009

travel: zimbabwe

Just wanted to write a quick note to say that I'm back from my amazing African adventure, and to thank those that wrote for your good wishes.

As I'm writing about the holiday for a travel feature, I can't give too much away about the trip other than to say that I have fallen in love with Africa. I didn't expect it to happen because, generally, I prefer cities over the countryside. But Africa is such a majestic place that it was impossible for me not to feel deeply about the place.

And, also, I wanted to make a special mention about Zimbabwe. It is a country that has received a lot of bad press in recent years but rest-assured I felt completely safe my entire time there. The spirit of the people was wonderful - I encourage you to travel there because it is worth the trip. And, yes, I travelled with
&Beyond and not only is the company and its sustainable mission completely inspiring but the service was absolutely faultless.

I will be posting again later this week.

image courtesy of &Beyond


debra@dustjacket said...

That was so great to hear the positive report from Zimbabwe and &beyond, nice to hear. Look forward to reading your piece.
xx said...

Welcome home. It will be great to hear all about it in the article. Haev a great week.

Sharnel said...

Welcome back. We are traveling back to Zim in two weeks time.
I'm so glad you loved the place and you fell in love with &Beyond. They are an amazing company.
You will have to visit India with them next time.

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks, everyone. It's good to be back, even though I'd jump on a plane in a minute if I had the chance.

lisa :: the red thread said...

I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip... I'm sure it was amazing.

Exquisite Accessories said...

So glad you had a great time & good to hear the positive of Zimbabwe, I have so many great stories from my uncle who lived there, (well when it was Known as Rodisha then) & bad when they had to flee 22 years ago. They still miss Africa & would have loved to have stayed if it had stayed a strong country. Its sad to think the wealth it had, I would love to visit & to do a Safari would be a dream!!!


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