Wednesday, 23 December 2009

thanks for the inspiration!

Every day I'm inspired by not only the people who I get to interview for Daily Imprint but the comments from those who drop by and say a few words. It's always appreciated. And so to say thank you for your support this year I want to offer a lucky dip prize (from products that have been featured on these pages) to five readers who leave a comment over the holidays. I'm going to take a month off so I will let you know the winner on my return.

So, please, let me know what you think about Daily Imprint. I have provided some questions below to get you thinking:

1. Why do you visit Daily Imprint?
2. Which posts have you enjoyed the most?
3. What are your thoughts on the interview questions?
4. Do you prefer the blog to be more or less focused on a particular topic, eg, design?
5. What do you think of the layout, design and images used?
just added - 6. Would you prefer the blog to stick to interviews or are you interested in some posts on projects I'm working on - behind the scenes of photo shoots/previews/etc?
Until then, see you next year when I will be posting some amazing interviews with two people who inspire me greatly - former Domino editor Deborah Needleman and The Sartorialist's Scott Schuman.

Have a great break, and thanks again for your time and support!

Warmest wishes,

image courtesy of raven & lamb


Kate Moore said...

I've been wondering whether to do something similar on my blog. I think yours is bang on and I love reading it, but mine is feeling all over the place - a reflection of my mental state at the moment, I am sure.
1: I visit it to read about predominantly local designers and artists / creatives who have found a niche and are pursuing that niche.
2: I've found them all inspiring, for different reasons.
3: I tend to skip or skim the last three questions.
4: I see it is mostly design/art/creative, and I do like that. Any wider and I think you'd be up 24 hours a day.
5: The block of text does take me some mental strength to sit and read properly, even though the answers are short. I am struggling with that on my blog too. A ramble and the comments fall away. Short and swift, and readers are inclined to interact. Too many blogs, so little time.
Natalie, Even though I don't comment much, I do read EVERY day. The blog is a delight. said...

oohhh can't wait to read the interview with Deborah. I visit your blog because I really enjoy the interview questions you ask (to mostly very creative people) and how they answer them. I love to find out how these people think! Have a great break. Simone -Beach Vintage

Amanda said...

Hi! Love your posts - it's really good to get a bit more of an insight into the lives of all the creative people you interview - really like the mix too. Some of my favourite interviews were the ones you did with Marie Nicols, Lyn Gardener and Deborah Bibby. Looking foward to more from your lovely blog in 2010.

Cassandra said...

Hi Natalie

I think what you do is unique, uplifting and inspiring. I know it gives hope to many in the creative field, to see what success is and what it isn't. I think your blog is bang on, you've got a great voice and it's my favourite read. I don't love all of your guests, but then I don't read every page of every magazine and design book I buy either. One pearl of wisdom is enough.

have a lovely holiday and enjoy the sun. I'm looking at sludgy snow......... Best. Cassandra

Elaine Power said...

I know I havent followed for a couple of month's (Hectic life@ mo)!! But here goes.

1, I love to read your Interviews as for some reason it feel's more personel to if I was reading it in a magazine, you find interesting people some I know about & some I don't.

2, I have enjoyed Tamara Maynes as she is just an Inspiration how in my wildest dreams I would love a splash of her talent & Alison Jones from Lark Handmade I saw the small feature in Real Living, so it was nice to read more from your blog, I would so love a little shop like that!!

3, They are basic but it's to the point, some answer's are short then you get some great long answers but that's down to how the person being interviewed want's to answer.

4, I like variety some fields I know nothing about but it's still interesting to read about that person & some times I go on to search more about them so it's great as you are never to old to learn!

5, Oh! don't ask me that I'm rubbish at graphic design & have many a long day or night trying to sort out my own blog (hee).

Hope you have a good rest & see you in the New Year Elaine :)

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

hey natalie, happy christmas to you and your's!
i visit, because you deliver exactly what you promise, i like knowing what to expect in terms of q's, but never know who is going to be next;
i honestly get something from every artist, creative, business person you feature....sibella court was a stand out, but i think it is relative to what's going on in your own life as you read - i know that i comment on your's and lucy's blogs more than any other, cause i always feel so inspired by the content;
i love the interview q's and that everyone gets the same - it makes the answers all the more interesting;
i see your blog as a burst of creativity, just as you say - i don't care whether i am looking at an interior or reading about an artist's muse - i get something from everyone;
keep doing what you're doing, hon. i take from it what i can and am a daily reader.
all the best for 2010.

Unknown said...

Hi! I popped by daily imprint today, winding down from the busy holiday. I had commented quite a few months ago - I believe sometime in August or September - to ask about using your series of questions in a personal project of mine. You happily gave permission, and I more than happily made sure to spread your blog address to each person that I contacted. I just want to thank you. The project that your blog inspired was a tremendous agent for positive change in my life. I hand wrote more than 25 personal letters to people that have made an impact in my life - I described to each individual how he or she inspires me, and asked for the honor or their answer to the questions that you ask inspiring individuals in your blog each day. I reconnected with amazing people from my past, and reinforced my present relationships - the greatest gift was the sense of fulfillment in knowing that each of them knows how very much they mean to me - and how inspiring they are to me. Thank you, Natalie!

Luciana said...

I'm Luciana, (a 46 y.o. shrink) from Brazil, looove your blog.

I found it when surfing for images to inspire my soul and help me relax, beauty has that effect on me. I don't necessarily use it as inspiration to draw, paint or decorate my home, I simply LOOK at it, daily if I can.

My favorite posts are the ones with fabulous lighting on the photographs, colorful items in them, original, unpredictable. Love to see illustration and art.

I often skip reading the interviews, cause I see some people don't have much to depends on the guest. If there were no words, it wouldn't hurt, to me.
Strangely, I guess I would love some description of the interior design...I often like what I see but can't figure out WHY.

I enjoy the book recommendations, very much.

Love the layout, the photos, everything. Love how LIGHT it all is, and also enjoy seeing what the designers are wearing. Have a great 2010, your work is amazing!

Little Snoring said...

Hope you are having a lovely holiday. I think the strengths of Daily Imprint and the reason I come back and dip in again and again... is a never ending fascination with creativity and the people who pursue the creative arts everyday of their lives.

The interviews not only link me to new inspiration, but the story that comes with them can spark lots of other thoughts or ideas. It is so interesting to read how, why and when people's lives changed into a following their creative forces. Thoroughly satisfying.

Only thought on the site design is that whilst the graphics are simple, I think they could more elegantly convey the depth of content on the site. At first glance the basic header does not reveal what the site is truly about.

Otherwise love your stuff, endlessly fascinating and a unique twist on the many design, art, craft blogs around.



Anonymous said...

Just discovered the blog and I am in love. Love the question and answers, the clean look and feel and the gorgeous images. Cant wait for the new year!!

Carli said...

HI Natalie - thanks for the effort and dedication you put into Daily Imprint - I don't know how you continually find such great designers and inspiration but I love reading through the questions and answers given.

1. Some eye-candy, and getting to know creative and talented people personally (I also get some great reading material from seeing what others are reading!).

2. At this stage in my life I like posts related to babies and children, and things going on in Sydney.

3. I think they're good - not too long or short. I like the format and the images you choose to go along with each post.

4. You seem to have a good mix now - your blog has the appeal of a magazine where there is always something of interest and enlightens me on things I know little about. I like finding out about new upcoming talent, especially Australian.
4. I like the layout - my suggestions are for a brighter header, and more space between the text in interviews. I think you could use a clearer text too, but of course, that's up to you.

ltaylor said...

Hi Natalie,
Happy New Year!
I have only recently stumbled across your blog and I am really impressed. Since my initial read, I have kept coming back for more. I’m an interior designer in Mackay, Queensland and am just starting up on my own. The search for inspiration is never ending and I am finding your site really useful.
I love how it is divided up into all the different categories. In art.inspiration, the paintings by Miranda Skoczek provided the motivation for the interior colours for a school library that I am working on. Her colours sit so well together.
It is really interesting to read about artists like Emma Hack. I have seen the Florence Broadhurst body art publicity all over the world so it was great to read about the artist behind it.
Having links to the artist/designer’s webpage is really helpful too.
I can also relate to your bondi.inspiration section. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to live there for 4 months in 2008. It is just such a beautiful part of the world with an amazing creative vibe!
‘What are you reading?’ is my favourite question. I’m always looking for interesting books to read and hearing what others in the industry are reading always helps.
Thanks for a great blog.


Natalie Walton said...

THANK YOU sooooooo much for all your comments so far. I really appreciate it.

I've added another question to my list - so if you want to add some more thoughts then feel free.

Basically, would you prefer the blog to stick to interviews or are you interested in more of some of the projects I'm working on - behind the scenes/previews/pics, etc?

I'll definitely try to give the look of the blog some love, although I have no expertise in this area. Perhaps someone with design skills can come to my rescue. Eek. Damsel in distress is calling. HEEEELLLPPP!!!!!

I'm interested that you all seem to like the variety. I was worried it might be too broad. So that's definitely good to know.

Thanks a million again.

I feel like this year is going to be a good one. Fingers and toes crossed over and over and over again.


Cassandra said...

Hi Natalie

The simplest way to 'jsoooshh' your blog would be to download a free template for blogger. Then you walk purposefully into the creative services/art department in your mag and barter with someone to create your bits and bobs - banner,choosing fonts, colours etc. Keep it simple and lovely. The content is the most important!

Nitasha said...

Love your blog, esp the fun questions you ask your guests - but would also love to read more about the behind the scenes etc!

Happy New Year to you!

Rochell "E" said...

Dear Natalie,

We interviewed the same person, Romy Frydman about the same time. I like your blog and your questions. I wouldn't change your questions, you may want to add a couple more questions to mix it up to for each individual.

All the best,
Rochell "E"

Rebecca said...

Hi Natalie,
love the blog and it's current format. BUT would love LOVE to hear about your projects/behind the scenes/all of that!

hope 2010 is a good one for you, your family, and daily imprint!

Allison said...

Natalie, the new blog design looks fantastic! And I too, love the variety of your posts...I would also really enjoy some behind the scenes posts of projects you're working on... It's always fascinating to get an inside look at creative ideas unfolding. Apart from that, I wouldn't change a thing!

Shelley Trbuhovich said...

well check you and your dolled up self!!!! loving the new-look blog. and as a total magazine nerd and sticky beak, any behind the scenes post would always be welcome! x

Cassandra said...

New template is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! I have been trying (for days...) to create a digital silhouette of each of my children and see in a tiny photo to the left on your blog a wall of just those. Would love to see a bigger image. Do you have any tips on doing this? I have spent mucho time on this project and can't quite get it right. Thanks!

Lorena M said...

I have to say that your blog is a delight to read! Those interviews are very interesting and make it personal so please keep posting them ;-) I do love though to have a bit more of the project you doing... I am a subscriber of REAL LIVING and I love the mag!
Your blog is easy to read and it has a good structure!
Love your work and thanks for blogging and keep feeding us!

Amy said...

Hi Natalie,
I like your posts for their inspiring photos and for getting a snippet of a glance into so many creative minds. I like the questions. I love that you have such an Australian (esp Sydney) flavour (being a Sydney girl myself). Would definately like a peek behind the scenes at shoots and the magazine/design world! All the best, Amy

Kaili Ittensohn said...

1. Why do you visit Daily Imprint?

As an aspiring artist, I am inspired by the creative people you interview.

2. Which posts have you enjoyed the most?

Interior design/styling and of course the artist interview posts.

3. What are your thoughts on the interview questions?

I'd like to know more about their backgrounds. How did they come to this point in their lives? Education, etc

4. Do you prefer the blog to be more or less focused on a particular topic, eg, design?

NO way, I love every part of your blog, it truly is one of my favourite places to visit and gather inspiration. I love that you cover a diverse range of creative areas.

5. What do you think of the layout, design and images used?

I would love if the images were bigger. However the quality of content and images you use are all gorgeous.

6. Would you prefer the blog to stick to interviews or are you interested in some posts on projects I'm working on - behind the scenes of photo shoots/previews/etc?

I would be interested YES!

Natalie Ryan said...

Why do I visit? I love your wide grasp on all things creative - from florists to furniture designers.
I enjoy reading about anyone who pursues a career in the design world, and I love that you focus on Australian talent. You have a lovely and very readable blog!

Anonymous said...

Yes, include your projects -that would be great! It would give a whole new dimension to the blog.

Love the new header by the way - it's perfect.


Anonymous said...

Hi Natalie;
I love your blog and read it daily for a bit of creative inspiration.

I love to look through the pcitures that are posted with the interviews. Some interviews I enjoy more than others as some of the artists seem more comfortable answering questions (nothing wrong with that!!).

The interviews cover a wide range of artists / decorators/ photographers etc and I like the variety as creative ideas can come from anywhere.
For me "what are you reading?" is my favourite interview question, however all the questions have interesting feedback to read.

Please write about any projects and behind the scenes work you are doing! Anything creative...

I don't know how you find the time to do all this - parenthood and working and blogging! Keep up the great work and thank you.

I love your new lay out!
M (Perth WA)

Carla said...

I visit Daily imprint for creative inspiration and I especially love reading about local designers etc. I have been reading lots of overseas blogs for some time but recently I've been really enjoying discovering blogs with more Australian content.
I am quite a visual person and skip through some of the interview questions so that I can devour all of the lovely imagery of the artists/designers work!
I think all of the topics you cover are great & the layout of the blog is very easy to navigate around. Those black label-maker style buttons for your topics are great & stand out.
Look forward to more visits to your blog in 2010.

julie said...

Hey Natalie,
I love your blog makeover it really suits you :)
I read Daily Imprint because I like getting inside the minds of all these amazing people and seeing what makes them tick. Your blog is great just the way it is but I would love to see a more personal element coming through - expressing your own style more, mixing it up with interviews and some behind the scenes work stuff would be fab!
Keep up the good work, look forward to your return.

nerines said...

Hi Natalie,

Thanks for giving me a brilliant reason not to do whatever it is I think I should be doing when I visit your blog.
Answers to questions -
1. My sister Fritha set up my blogspot and she added you as a link - that was dangerous...
Initially I liked to look at the pictures, then I began reading the interviews, now I'm addicted!!
2.Generally I love quirky perhaps even wierd but in a pretty way, but I did rather enjoy the Flourish Florist interview. What a gorgeous name 'Claire Rabbit'.
3. Great! I like the links.
4. I would enjoy a broad range of creative pursuits, from the people who make, to the people who supply.
5. The new lay-out looks terrific! Suits a writer. Seems a little easier to find things of interest.
6. Behind the scenes is always good! I really enjoy that feature on dvd's.
I think you should come back now (just kidding) I hope you've had a great break =)

Carlota Vasconcelos said...

1. Why do you visit Daily Imprint?
It's a inspiring place.

2. Which posts have you enjoyed the most?
About creative designs constructions.

3. What are your thoughts on the interview questions?
Random around myself.

4. Do you prefer the blog to be more or less focused on a particular topic, eg, design?
I love to see variety.

5. What do you think of the layout, design and images used?
Lovely, awesome.

6. Would you prefer the blog to stick to interviews or are you interested in some posts on projects I'm working on - behind the scenes of photo shoots/previews/etc?
I'm totally agree about your projects and behind the scenes shoots and etc.

Natalie Walton said...


I'm trying to contact the winners of the prizes I mentioned in this post. I can't seem to contact "Nicole" or "Luciana". If you could contact me with your address details then that would be great. I also wrote down Angela as a prize winner but can't see anyone by the name Angela on the list of commentators. Am I going mad??? It corresponded with comment 29??? If nothing comes to light I will redraw. So sorry this has taken me so long. It's an even longer story!

Also, I noticed that my profile is called "About me" - goodness knows how this happened but if anyone has any ideas how to fix it, well, that would be grand.



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