Tuesday, 23 February 2010

fashion designer akira isogawa

Is there anyone more distinctive, and yet completely successful, in Australian fashion than Akira Isogawa. He proves that you can be a maverick and still make your way. He is also completely unassuming. A couple of years ago real living created a room set based on his rug design for Designer Rugs. Everyone was blown away with his professionalism and humbled by his grace.

Which five words best describe you? I see myself as carrying an antonymic character. Realist, conformist, non-conformist and dreamer (day/night).
How did you get your start in fashion and what path have you taken since? The starting point was making clothes by getting the right tools and machines.
What advice would you give to aspiring designers? Faith is powerful.
What has been your best decision? Start in fashion.
Who inspires you? Designers I respect as well as some of my close friends.
What are you passionate about? Fashion is a passion.
What dream do you still want to fulfil? Being inspired in 10, 20, 30... years to come.

images courtesy of akira isogawa


dana | yellowtrace blog said...

Ah Natalie! I adore Akira! I got married in his dress, and his clothes are extremely special to me.

Love love love.

x dana

 Viv said...

This is a wonderful interview. Exactly as I imagined his answers to be. Honest and to the point. How wonderful to see him featured in your series. I am a big fan of his designs. Thank you.

dana | yellowtrace blog said...

I commented on this yesterday, but somehow my comment's gone missing... Hmm... Hereitgoesagain!

Thank you Natalie for interviewing Akira. I've been in love with his work for the longest time. I remember doing a uni assignment for our design studio many years ago now - we had to design Akira's new shop, and my love with his work began from that moment...

I also got married in one of Akira's dresses. His clothes are so special and the dress made me feel so beautiful, confident and comfortable. The man is a genius!

x dana

Natalie Walton said...

Dana - my fault - sorrry!!!!

How beautiful to get married in one of his dresses.

nerines said...

I was also thrilled to see the inhterview. Thanks Natalie! =)


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