Tuesday, 16 November 2010

styling for xmas gift guide

There's a pattern emerging. The last shots from most of my shoots seem to be the ones that everyone likes the most. Can you guess what that was in this xmas gift guide, which I did with photographer Maree Homer, for real living? While you have a think, here are the last shots of the day for other shoots:

The "bookish bohemian" room in my
very first shoot.
The "French industrial" space in outdoor settings.
The "clutter-free" bedroom in store-bought storage.
"Circus kids" in the nursery shoot.

Well, above, it was the "man" spread with the monkey tshirt (from Two Ruffians). I'm ashamed to tell you how quickly I threw that look together. We were losing light and I had to work fast. Besides, I knew what I wanted the shot to look like. It was just a matter of placing the products in the right place and doing a little bit of tweaking. (Originally I was only going to have photos on the right-hand side, but decided to add a few products at the last minute to give a bit more depth to that side of the page.)

The December issue of
real living went on sale yesterday.

images courtesy of real living and maree homer


Jill Seidner | Interior Design said...

Great styling! Love the images!

Anonymous said...

Love the image with the circular shelves, any idea if those shelves are available to buy anywhere?

Jane said...

I love them all - and would be more than happy to receive a few for Christmas!


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