Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Living Room shop

The internet has democratised so many aspects of our life - including the ability to own and run a shop. Think Etsy and Bigcartel to name just two easy ways. But there's still nothing quite like seeing and touching products. You get a real sense of someone's vision for how they see their brand and how they want you to experience it too.

When you have an artist, graphic designer and stylist bring a shop together, you know you're going to be in for a treat. And that's exactly what The Living Room Pop-Up Store is. I had to share these images taken by Sam McAdam that were taken in the calm leading up to the shop's opening.

If you love interiors, design, supporting Australian designers - or just want some beautiful Christmas presents - and live in Sydney then you really should check it out. (It's only open for ONE WEEK - until 5 December so be quick.)

Failing that, you can visit the websites of the brands participating and order online. It's a different experience. But it has its benefits too!

Puddin Head
The Lowercase

images courtesy of sam mcadam


Paula said...

So true Natalie! The other day I visited a beautiful gift/decor shop (first time in a while) in Sydney. I asked about an item that was 'display only'. The owner promptly called to her husband to see if he had 'made' another one. He popped his head in from their shed out the back where he designs, revamps, refurbishes many of the items in the shop. Something really resonated with me - guess it's nice to be reminded that they're not just marked up imports. And yes, lovely to be able to touch and properly appreciate objects of beauty up close.

Claudia Lane said...

Love it! And I absolutely love your blog Natalie. Thanks for sharing :))

designchic said...

What a CHARMING shop...wish I could see everything in person, but a little too far away. Now there's the benefit of a website - I can see all the pretties while in the USA...thanks for sharing!! Adore your blog - thrilled to have found it!!


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