Friday, 17 June 2011

how to become an interior stylist

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What is the topic? How to become an interior stylist
What will it cover? Even if you're not interested in a career in interior styling, you'll still learn great tips and advice on creating a beautiful home. But if you want career tips, then industry experts will be on hand to show you the way.
Should I attend? If you have an interest in journeys of creativity, and making a beautiful home, then, yes.
How much does it cost? Nothing - its' FREE!

It would be great if you could rsvp to natalie[at]

However, you can just turn up on the night.


Design Elements said...

lovey idea! the life looks differenet if we do what we love...happy weekeend

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

This looks so great, perfect for someone putting their own stamp on their new home!! Love Posie

Marie Maglaque said...

I would have loved to attend this workshop! just what I need in fact. But I am based in Singapore... any chance you will be recording a video for us abroad? Thanks

Mayne said...

Sooooooo envious! Truly wish Interior Stylists would offer free workshops like this in America! Perhaps it's time for me to consider relocating to Bondi hmmmmm....

mariekfrench said...

Please do tell me if you ever have another workshop like this, or if you might have a webinar, or lessons we could subscribe to or pay for online. I would love to fine tune my skills and learn from pros like you all. Thanks!


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