Sunday, 19 June 2011

how to create a covetable brand

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What's the topic? How to create a covetable brand
What will it cover? What you say and how you say it creates a lasting impression - no matter what career you're in. Branding is not just about the font you choose for your logo - although that's important. It's also about the way you communicate your core values to others. You need to be clear and consistent, and so this workshop will give you all the tools you need.
Will I learn something? Loads! It's suited to anyone who wants to create a blog (or give theirs a revamp) to people who need design and communications guidance.
How much does it cost? Nothing - it's FREE!

If you can come along it would be appreciated if you can rsvp to natalie[at]

However, you can just turn up on the night.


JOE. D said...

I wish I lived up thataway and I would be there in a heartbeat .. I've reached a point where I need some outside help with my umbrellas - I've reached a limit on what I can do - and your evening sounds perfect. Oh well, back to internet researching for me (-:

Good luck with the night - hope you have a great turnout (-:

Siobhan Rogers said...

sounds good :)

Natalie Walton said...

Hi Linda, Where do you live? I've had quite a few inquiries from people in Melbourne. I'm happy to travel if there's interest in other states. Let me know. natalie[at]

Exquisite Accessories said...

So wish I could go :(( you know Natalie if you come to QLD you would have heaps wanting to go!! :))

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's times like this that I wish I lived in Sydney, not in the bush!!! I hope it is a huge success for you, wish I could be there, maybe you should write a book about doing it!!!
Kylie Hill, Inverell NSW

JOE. D said...

Hi Natalie .. Linda again. I'm Melbourne way .. if you ever manage to do one down here I'll definately be there (-:


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