Sunday, 12 June 2011

'live a creative life' workshops

It's finally here. A trip to the USA that I've been planning ever since I left JFK Airport in 2006. It has always been a dream of mine to work in New York. And, to some extent, that's going to happen over the coming weeks. I have five shoots scheduled in two weeks. Three of them will be in New York, and two of them in LA. Of course, I can't wait to share the details of what the shoots are all about - but let's save that for another time.

While I'm in America, I will also be running a workshop at Studio B on Sunday 19 June. Colleen Duffley invited me some time back and schedules and seasonal differences have meant that we've waited until the northern hemisphere's summer for the event.

Initially the workshop was going to be more focussed on blogging - as that's how she became familiar with me and my work. However, what I do keeps expanding, and the questions and queries I get about styling keep growing. So the workshop will cover all aspects of how to live a creative life. If you're in the area, please come along.

If you're a Sydney-sider then I'd love to see you at some more workshops I'll be hosting at Apple, Bondi. They will start the week after I get back. To give you a taste for the incredible inspiration you'll have in store I will post interviews with all the people who will be participating in the Sydney workshops over the two-plus weeks I'm away.

While it's not necessary to register for the Daily Imprint workshops at Apple, Bondi, it would be great to get an idea of numbers. So please email if you plan to come along - natalie[at]

Sunday 19 June, 1-5pm - Studio B, Florida, USA

How to become an interior stylist
Thursday 7 July, 6.30pm - Apple, Bondi

How to create a covetable brand
Thursday 21 July, 6.30pm - Apple, Bondi

How to create a successful online shop
Thursday 4 August, 6.30pm - Apple, Bondi

Looking forward to hearing from - and meeting - you!


julie said...

I hope you have a great time in the US Natalie! It was a pleasure meeting you last week. Your Sydney workshops sound amazing, pity we live so far away.


Jennifer said...

What about those of us that can't make it? Would you be kind enough to share it online with us?

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

It would appear that I have been missing out on your blog. A good hour spent going through your archives confirms what I suspected, you are excellent.

Have an amazing time in the US. Now to get myself to bondi for one of these work shops!!

xo em

thanks for the masses of inspiration

Natalie Walton said...

Hi Jennifer,

I think Studio B is looking into doing something like this. But if there's enough interest in other places then I'll certainly look into holding workshops elsewhere. Where do you live?


Exquisite Accessories said...

Now I could definetly do the create a succesfull on line business shame I live so far away :(

Fashion designing said...

hi there! cute blog space you got here!Inspiring blog i like it a lot....


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