Friday, 1 July 2011

how to create a successful online business

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What's the topic? How to create a successful online business
What will it cover? It is one thing to have an idea for a design business, but another to make it successful. Meet some of Australia's leading business owners in the design field who have used their online presence to make a real impact with sales and marketing. They will share their expertise on creating strong brands, and reaching out to a large audience. They'll also explain how you don't have to have a physical shop to make an impact in the marketplace. The panel will include Rachel Castle from Castle & Things, Claire Morris and her tech guru Matt Hoggett from Apple&Bee, and Alice Flynn and Sarah Neilsen of Penny Farthing Design House.
How much does it cost? Nothing - it's FREE!
When & where is it? Thursday 4 August (6.30-7.30pm); Apple, Bondi

If you can come along it would be appreciated if you can rsvp to natalie[at]

However, you can just turn up on the night


Unknown said...

I wish I lived closer; I’d be there in a snap!

Michelle – De Novo Concepts

Treadgold said...

This is fabulous! I will be there with two friends and bells on, can't wait to be inspired....

meenal@maison marigold said...

I live far away in India..or would have definitley turned up..hope you'll do a recap on the blog! xx meenal

SD Interiors said...

Can you pretty please post a summary/highlights after the fact for those of us that can't attend??

Anonymous said...

Hi, i live in melbourne and sincerely hope you can post something up on the internet to share. many thanks (your blog is an amazing inspiration).


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