Friday, 28 October 2011

country style cover

It all started with a friend's holiday shack. I was staying there over the summer holidays. Resting. Reviving. Renewing myself ahead of the new year. Every day, sometimes many times over, I walked along a bush track to an isolated beach. On this journey I passed a little white cottage and every time I had to slow down to admire its charm and poise. I could see the outlines of a towering bookcase beyond the front door, and I was intrigued as to what else lay inside, and who owned such a place.

I wrote a note, folded it in half and left it under a gumnut on the cottage's front terrace. Days later, when I was back in Bondi, I received a call from the owner. When we met months later she told me that she called because I had chosen a gumnut as a paper weight. It was a fortuitous decision. I was to learn that the owner, Cherie-Christine Curchod, painted them as part of her art practice. In fact, she often has the florist Grandiflora in Potts Point source particular varieties from Western Australia for her botanical paintings.

The result of our meeting is in the latest issue of Country Style. It was one of the first batch of homes Chris Warnes and I shot for Warnes & Walton, and I was thrilled to discover yesterday that it had made the cover of the latest November issue.


naughty shorts! said...

It must be so exciting, discovering your work here and there. Charming story. Beautiful looking house. x

by marie-nicole said...

Congratulations on it making the cover... it's a gorgeous spread in the magazine.

I've been a Country Style subscriber for years and just adore the inspirational styling, photography and stories beautifully written... nice work!


Tammy at The Drill Hall Emporium said...

Hi Natalie, I read my copy of Australian Country Style last night and was delighted to see your story on the front cover! Well done, and keep up the good work, Tammy

found and sewn said...

looks great!! what a lovely story x

Anastasia said...

Congrats Natalie! i was just saying to myself the other day that the current cover is the most beautiful and inspiring i have seen on Country Style! gorgeous!!

Rachel Callaghan said...

Extra incentive for me to go and purchase the mag - looks gorgeous. The cover shot is SOOOO important as to whether I will pick a mag up.


Sweet Style said...

Congratulations Natalie on a a beautiful cover - I have never purchased this magazine before but today while in the newsagent I noticed this cover and it made me buy the magazine - must have known there was something about it. Leanne x

Laura said...

I've actually never read Country Style, but I spied the cover in the newsagent the other day and thought, 'I must buy that'. I definitely will now!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Cape Town and subscribe to Country Style. Although it's expensive, it's worth it as I use it as inspiration for my shop called Woodstock Vintage.


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