Friday, 23 December 2011

thank you!

Thank you for stopping by and reading about Australia's creative talent.
Thank you for sharing your stories.
Thank you for your kind words.

2011 has been quite an adventure. Can't wait to share the next chapter.



Calico Child said...

Have a great Christmas Natalie its been lovely reading all the posts on these talented artists looking forward to next year :)

Debbie said...

Thank you, too, Natalie. I'm a bit of a newbie but I look forward to your interesting blog posts.

Chaucee said...

Hope you had a GREAT Christmas!

Shu @ Page Thirteen said...

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful stories of creative and talented Aussies! :) Hope you had a fantastic X'mas, and Happy 2012 to you too!

Jelena Adzic said...

BEYOND INSPIRED by your interview with artist Belynda Henry. I'm an arts journalist from Toronto, Canada who has been following her work for quite a while - and I'm jealous of all of you Aussies who can attend her opening night. E N J O Y !!
Jelena Adzic


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