Wednesday, 16 May 2012

my home in inside out magazine

It's always a slightly surreal experience to see your home in a magazine. It looks so complete, somewhat final, and, well, tidy. I have to add quiet to that equation, too. Anyone who knows my tribe, knows that it's never that. But it is a home, and a humble one at that.

It is an apartment in Bondi Beach, Australia. It is a place that I moved into some years ago and saw its potential, even though it was a rental. As the story that Clare Patience wrote explains, I didn't let a lease stop me from transforming the place into something more personal. It's a topic I feel passionate about: you shouldn't wait for the "perfect" place to create somewhere that's home for you. If you live in a rental then you can still make it your own. I certainly did. I painted it, added plants, hung curtains and replaced the light fittings to more interesting pendants. And I added rugs everywhere to hide the honey-hued pine floorboards. I wanted to make it a place that I wanted to return to every evening.

I also believe that style has nothing to do with money. The place has been furnished with secondhand finds that have been revamped. Almost everything has been painted - from walls to floors to furniture. There are also handmade projects, too. I created a height chart for my son out of kraft paper. And I transformed lamps using paint and fabric and/or wallpaper for the shades.

As I said, the apartment is a humble home. It was all about making the most of what was to hand. But, it's even more humbling to see it in the pages of one of my favourite magazines - Inside Out - in its 2012 Annual Renovating & Decorating Guide (currently on sale). So a huge thank you to Richard and Sharon for the opportunity, and to Kata Bayer for her beautiful photography.

For those of you who are interested, here is where I sourced some of the pieces for the place - as you'll see it's mostly a mix of secondhand finds and Australian design pieces.

Blue sofa: Vinnies
Fabric: Warwick
Danish-style sofa: Street find restored by Old School Industries
Streetscape artwork: Richard Briggs from the James Dorahy Project Space
Embroidered cushion on blue sofa (and on the bed): Tara Badcock
Text cushion on blue sofa: Pony Rider
Hanging tassel on bookcase: Table Tonic
Artwork on bookcase: Anna-Wili Highfield
Artwork on wall: Sebastian Nash - email me if you're interested in his work

Table: Garage sale
Chairs: Vintage store in Tasmania
Tablecloth: Ici Et La
Ceramics on table: Kif Kaf (I also got a heap of baskets for my plant pots from there - inspired after seeing the home of Daniel Baffsky a while back.)

Linen heart artwork: Rachel Castle
Throw: Bholu

If there's anything you're interested to know about, feel free to contact me. And I am always open to decorating projects too: natalie[at]

images courtesy of inside out magazine, photography kata bayer, styling natalie walton


Jo said...

Your home is gorgeous! I live in a rental and have put my touches on it, but it just never feels quite right. I always come back to the thought "It's not mine."

Anonymous said...

It was such a delight to see your home in the magazine. I could imagine Charlie racing around! I really liked the blocking out of the view with opaque stick on in the kitchen window. Gave such a lovely light to the space. Best. J

Tamara said...

Natalie, loved seeing your space in this issue... it is as inspiring as you are! Love what you have done to make your rental 'home' and being a renter myself completely share your diy improvement philosophy... why wait to have your perfect space?

Sarah said...

Having just moved into a new rental where I am having complete 'creative' block, this is super inspiring! Your home is completely gorgeous yet totally livable. Thanks for sharing! Sx

Valentina Fussell said...

Now I'm dying to see more! Your home is just lovely! I wish we could get the publication in Denmark! Oh, and I totally agree about not letting a rental stop you. We've moved 20 times and every time I have made it my own... I've learned to decorate QUICKLY! :-)

Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

Superb feature Natalie, your home looks so comfortable and inspiring! Thank you for featuring my cushions! They do look so at-home chez vous xxxx

Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

Superb feature Natalie, your home looks so comfortable and inspiring and I LOVE your design/styling philosophy, we do the same! Thank you for featuring my cushions too, they looks so happy chez vous! xxx Tara

Natalie Walton said...

Thanks to you all! x

Leanne Thomas said...

It was great seeing your home, its gorgeous!!

Lauren said...

This couldn't of come at a better time for me. We have decided to stay and have out baby in our little rental apartment. We love it there but there is a perception that one must buy something. We have been living in our little home for 8 years and have decided to stay and renovate. The next time a relative says we're crazy, I'll just show them your beautiful place! Thank you.

mm said...

I haven't picked my copy up yet, but as soon as B&N in the States has it on the stand, I'll have it. I like your design attitude. Nice place!


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